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Backflow Testing Services Waterford MI

Cross Connection Testing License #MPMCA-33026

Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC offers in house ASSE State of Michigan certified backflow testing service. We make testing and compliance easy for you, by handling all required paperwork and processing for your convenience at no additional charge. Our qualified office staff files all required forms with the local water purveyor authority in accordance with state law. A copy of our test report is given to you for your files and an additional copy is maintained at our office for future reference. We also offer a free reminder service, notifying you when it comes time to have your backflow assembly tested again. Call Us Today to get your testing Scheduled 1-888-406-3630

State of Michigan Department of Public Health, Administrative Rules for Michigan’s Safe Drinking Water Act, Act 399, P.A. 1976 Michigan Plumbing Code 2009, and local Cross Connection Control (CCC) plan requirements. The legislative code governing backflow prevention devices is available HERE. We know and follow all ordinances and state regulations.

We are ASSE and State Certified and licensed to Test and certify Backflow Preventers. Both for Potable Water Distribution systems, Heating Water Supply systems and Fire Protection systems throughout the State of Michigan. We utilize the latest Midwest testing equipment thus ensuring our customers quality, accurate Backflow testing and certification.


  • Visual Inspection of Backflow Unit for Corrosion, Leaks, Damage or Unusual Wear by our ASSE State Certified Inspectors
  • Double Check Valve Assembly ASSE 1015
  • Double Detector Check Valve Assembly ASSE 1048
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker ASSE 1020
  • Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer Assembly ASSE 1013
  • Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly ASSE 1047
  • Spill Resistant Vacuum Breaker ASSE 1056
  • Completion and file all documents per local government code
  • Replacement Parts are Available if needed

By Law a backflow assembly MUST BE INSPECTED BY A GOVERNMENT APPROVED TESTER when installed, re-installed, relocated and/or repaired, AND every 3 years thereafter. We handle all paperwork, inspections and repairs if needed to get your certification registered with the local governing body to keep you in compliance. Call our office at 888-406-3630 to schedule your testing today, we do offer next day service!

Certified Backflow Testing in Michigan

Safe Drinking Water

The purpose of a backflow preventer is to ensure that there is no water flowing from unknown, contaminated or polluted sources the drinking water supply. Backflow events are dangerous and if not detected and rectified quickly have the potential to contaminate all the water in the plumbing system and render it dangerous and unsuitable for consumption. At Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC, we specialize in making all your water safe by providing our customer quality, reliable Backflow Testing. Backflow testing is not only the law in Michigan, it affords you the peace of mind in knowing that your drinking water is safe for your family, workers and yourself.

Proper Backflow Device Installation

One of the most effective ways of curbing potential backflow is to have the proper backflow assembly designed and installed in the proper location. At Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC, we have a certified team of technicians who are trained and certified by ASSE to properly identify the correct locations within a water distribution system that need to be fitted with backflow preventers. In addition we offer comprehensive regular maintenance and service of backflow preventers to help ensure they are operating properly. Therefore if you want to be certain that you have the right backflow preventer installed in your system, give us a call at 888-406-3630 and we will be more than delighted to offer our assistance.

Backflow Testing Services

Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC of Waterford, Michigan prides itself on providing our customers the highest quality services at the most reasonable prices. We understand the importance of having clean water and as professionals; we know that Backflow Testing is an imperative element in ensuring the safety of your domestic water source. Therefore, we have priced our testing services so that as many people as possible can have access too and rest assured that they have quality water on tap at all times. Simply contact us at 888-406-3630 and learn about our business friendly pricing.

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