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Sewage Ejector Pump

What is a Sewage Ejector Pump, what do they do and why do I need one? A sewage ejector pump is part of a plumbing system utilized when sewage flow is discharged below the grade of a gravity sewer system. When this below grade condition occurs it becomes necessary to “pump” the sewage flow up […]

We sell and install premium Zoeller sump pumps

Zoeller® Sump Pump Systems Providing Quality Zoeller® Sump Pumps in Michigan Not all sump pump systems are created equal! With hundreds of sump pumps available, we stand by the quality and reliability of Zoeller® Sump Pumps. Sump pumps have come a long way in recent years, and they are better and more reliable than ever. However, there are still […]

plumbing noises

Plumbing Noises and what they can mean

Being aware of the normal sounds of your home’s plumbing can help you notice when something goes wrong. Running water Ever notice that you can be in the bathroom and you can hear when the sprinklers come on, when someone is watering, or someone is running water somewhere else in the house? Well get trained […]

swer drain roots

Sewer Drain Roots, Causes and Remedies

Mature trees add beauty and shade to landscapes, but their roots can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes. Roots grow into the pipes because they like it there! Sewer pipes contain water, nutrients and oxygen-the essential elements for trees to grow. Aside from sewer blockages and backups tree roots growing inside sewer pipes are one […]

sump pump failure

Why Sump Pump Fail

Reasons for a Sump Pump Failure A sump pump is much like a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, or your home’s security system; there is rarely a time when you actually need to use it, but it can be an essential tool if a dire situation occurs. Sump pumps help mitigate and prevent such […]

odour from plumbing

Odor from Plumbing?

Plumbing Smells Smells are a good indication that something is amiss. Use your senses and do some investigating. If this is something you are not comfortable with or cannot find then you should call a plumber. When it comes to plumbing smells it is always best to be safe, so don’t ignore something just because […]