Frozen & Broken Pipe Repair & Replacement

Frozen And Broken Pipe Repair Services Waterford

The damage caused by freezing pipes can be devastating, with hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water dispersed throughout the home. If this happens to you, immediately shut off the water to the home at the Water Main usually located right at the meter. If your home is on a well, locate the fuse or switch to the pump and shut it off. These steps will stop the flow of water and allow you time to assess the situation. When water freezes in a pipe it, can exert up to about 3000 psi in outward force on the walls of the pipe; it is this force that causes damage to the pipe. When you locate the pipe in question depending on the pipe material you may find either a split, crack, break or even a fitting that has been pushed off. However, you may have trouble locating the pipe as many times frozen pipes are located within walls or other cavities which cannot be easily accessed, not to worry we have extensive experience dealing with just such situations. Usually, our trained professional plumbers can locate and repair a pipe that ruptures due to freezing in fairly short order. If you run into a situation in which a pipe has frozen and broke, call Service Experts Plumbing LLC, our professional plumbers will not only locate and repair the problem, we will offer frozen pipe repair services and solutions to help prevent the problem from occurring again in the future and we’ll even investigate to see if other areas in your home or business are susceptible to freezing.

PVC Pipe Repair

While PVC is a revolutionary product that can last for decades as a water and sewage conduit, it can and does occasionally fail. If you suspect or have located a broken or damages PVC pipe or fitting call on our Expert Service Professionals to repair or replace it.

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