Sewage Ejector Pump

What is a Sewage Ejector Pump, what do they do and why do I need one?

A sewage ejector pump is part of a plumbing system utilized when sewage flow is discharged below the grade of a gravity sewer system. When this below grade condition occurs it becomes necessary to “pump” the sewage flow up to a gravity sewage system, this is accomplished by utilizing a sewage ejection pump. These pumps will typically be placed in a sealed underground sump crock installed with an atmospheric vent to discharge sewer gas, the pump will typically utilize a 2” minimum discharge pipe with a check valve, the discharge is tied into the gravity sewer system.

Affluent Pump
Sewage Ejector Pump / Sewage Ejection Pump

The system will discharge sewage when the level of affluent in the sump crock reaches a predetermined level which raises a float switch activating the pump. These pumps typically have the ability to discharge solids up to 1.5” in diameter and can process and move a large volume of fluid quickly. This quick, large volume of discharge can cause venting issues in the gravity sewer, which is why it is imperative the vent be installed correctly.

When a sewage ejection pump fails the sump crock will fill to the top with affluent causing the associated plumbing feeding the crock to backup, drains will overflow, toilets with not flush and their bowl will fill to the top. The pump must be replaced when failure occurs, to access the pump the sealed cover of the sump crock is removed and the pump pulled from the crock. We carry a full line of Zoeller ejector pumps including the model 264 the industry standard for sewage discharge. If you find your sewage ejector backed up or overflowing the sump crock you’ll most likely need a replacement pump, call our office and get the problem solved quickly.   



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